Student Parking Info

NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARK WITHOUT A BLUE 2022-2023 STUDENT PARKING DECAL. Last years decal, Red 2021-22 decals are NO longer valid. ALL applications must be submitted ONLINE with the process below. Reminder - ALL student parking in PULL IN ONLY, back in parking is not allowed in the Student Parking Lot. The Student Parking Application link is available NOW. After submitting your application - you CANNOT park on campus until you have your Student Parking Decal.

The process for applying for a Student Parking Pass has been moved online.
You will need to gather some information and have it on hand before you start the process. You will need to make copies of or take photos of the following for submitting at the end of the application. ALL submissions MUST be readable.

  • Your VALID Driver's License - this cannot be a Learner's Permit.
  •  Your VALID vehicle Registration - this MUST be the current Registration. Check the expiration date.
  •  Your VALID Proof of Insurance Card - this MUST be the current Card. Most cards are good for up to a year, check the EFFECTIVE DATE.
  •  Download and read the Student / Parent signature page. DOWNLOAD IT FROM BELOW - BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION. You and a Parent will need to sign this form and then submit it with your other information at the end of the application.

Please download and look over the following documents:

Student / Parent signature page.
Student Parking Map. Please take note that Student Parking is the only location you can Park - it is indicated on the map.

There are four parts to the Application:

  1. Student Information Section
  2. Vehicle Information Section
  3. Parking Rules and Regulation
  4. Submitting Documents

Every question / item must be completed before you will be allowed submit the application.

Once your Application has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an email with directions for paying for your permit - the cost is $70 and must be paid on School Cash Online. Once you pay online (it could take up to 48 hours for your payment to be confirmed). Once payment has been confirmed you will receive an email instructing you on when and how to pick up your pass so that you have it for the first day of class on August 10.

Click Here to Start your Application