PBGHS Summer 2022 Assignments

PBGHS Summer 2022 Assignments
Posted on 05/17/2022
Students enrolled in advanced and magnet courses are expected to complete rigorous coursework all school year. In preparation for the new school year that begins August 10, 2022, the following courses have assigned a summer assignment. Notice that some require enrollment in a Google Classroom and the code needed to sign up. 

Updated 5/19/22 - check for updates

Advanced Placement (AP)
AP Calculus: No assignment
AP English Composition: Enroll with the Classroom code alaya4u
AP English Literature: Enroll with the Classroom code wc7bpxg

AICE Courses
AICE General Paper: Click here to download. Also, to contact your teachers and receive updates to prepare for the year, enroll with the Classroom code q5kxows
AICE English Language: Enroll with the Classroom code gbo2dkw

AICE English Literature: Enroll with the Classroom code irkooji
AICE Thinking Skills: Click here for information to prepare for your course.
*There is no summer assignment for Pre AICE courses.

Honors and Magnet courses
Global Business Magnet: Incoming Freshman only! Click here to download
Pre-Med Biology/Chemistry: Incoming Freshman only! Click here to download.

Not sure if you are signed up for AP or AICE classes? Go to your SIS, check under the Course Selection section, move  the year to 2022-2023 and see the list of courses. If you have enrolled in an AP or AICE course and do not see the course listed here, there is no summer assignment for your class.